Gallery One - Tracing Time, Pauses, Ruptures and Gaps. 
The Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens wrote that if he became aware of the rhythmic sound of his brush against the canvas he knew he was painting well. Jeremy Houghton's paintings offer the observer a similarly sensory awakening to the betwixt and between of forms; subtle shifts and shadings are indicative of an identifiable image that emerges as we gaze. It is in the intervals, gaps, pauses, ruptures, and gaps between echoing forms, that the recognizably rich variations of a visual world become almost audibly traced in time.  

Gallery Two - Sensing Places and Events. 
Paintings reconstruct both the seen and unseen world: during residencies, Jeremy Houghton has often witnessed places that we could never access. But his work acts as an avatar, parachuting us into an often rarefied world of protean experience, a world in which we are invited to taste the flavour of events beyond our reach. The seductive beauty of his line and the deft subtlety of his palette entices the eye as much as these qualities provoke an all-encompassing sensory engagement with a specific time and place.

Gallery Three - The Shape of Motion.
The motion of birds in flight or athletes in the pursuit of glory draws Jeremy Houghton into a rich exploration of the dynamic world. His painting processes embody these vital forces. Pigment flows, suspended in a medium he intuitively articulates, finding a shape that equates with the direction, speed and position of mobile forms. His eye to hand procedures leave traces of a vibrant sense of the observed and the imaginary. Our vivid delight in his paintings is sustained because the artist finds shapes in which his senses and actions coincide with memories of barely glimpsed time, and motion that seems only momentarily paused.